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Long Beach

Micah Bournes

C a l i f o r n i a


A group of strangers walked into a room in LA. One by one they stood up, shared their most private thoughts, struggles, and desires. To many this sounds terrifying but, after seeing a spoken word open mic, Micah was hooked. That day he decided to give spoken word poetry a try. It worked.


Like most kids growing up in Long Beach during the 90s, Micah was raised under the influence of hip hop. He regularly memorized rap lyrics from his favorite songs. It wasn’t until college when he started writing his own music; starting with hip hop and then venturing into blues.


Micah is a creative man of faith. In addition to performing poetry and music, he often speaks and teaches on creative writing, justice, and the way of Jesus. In partnership with The Justice Conference & World Relief Micah has been able to share his passions and gifts worldwide.

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